Charis Jones talks about using her work background to get Sassy Jones into HSN partnership, advises entrepreneurs when to quit their jobs


As more and more workers reflect on the transition from full-time employee to full-time CEO, Charis Jones is here to show you how.

CEO and designer of lifestyle and fashion brand Sassy Jones has first-hand experience of how risks and challenges can extend the journey to start and grow your own business. After launching his ready-to-wear collection, Jones is living his dream through the success of his ecommerce-run fashion business.

Jones decided to quit his job as a top selling professional after making more money selling props at an exhibition than working for two weeks. But she doesn’t advise all aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same.

“My advice to these employees would be to keep your day job until you know your dream is valid,” she told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I think in the age of social media we see all of this glory, but no one knows the story of how you got here. There is no such thing as an entrepreneur who can just snap their fingers because they are an influencer or popular, they have a million followers, to generate income with that because popularity is not profitable and tastes do not equal liquidity. “

Charis Jones is a successful entrepreneur who is the mother of twins who have previously worked in sales and marketing. She designs items for HSN and will also launch her own ready-to-wear brand.
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While most would think Jones was able to grow his business after landing his own show on HSN The Great Find – Sassy Jones AccessoriesJones credits the brand’s “ingenuity and marketing” for its success.

“Sassy Jones is the reason Sassy Jones has moved on,” she said. “I can’t say that HSN gave us additional revenue, but what it did was increase our legitimacy, if you will, because it was an additional distribution channel. “

“When I pitched at HSN, we were already making $ 2 million a year. So I walked into this room offering them more of an invitation than a pitch, ”she added.

Amid the current wave of workers quitting their jobs in search of positions with a healthier work-life balance, more and more budding entrepreneurs are emerging every day. The transition from the position to the CEO is not an easy task. But Jones encourages dreamers to go confidently in the direction of their passions.

“Even when everyone says you are crazy, but you believe in yourself enough to know that the seed that God has put in you can manifest with good work, not necessarily hard work, but good work. . Jones said.

She is also proud of every job she has held in the past, as each position has prepared her for the encounters she has experienced as a business owner. Now that Sassy Jones is thriving as a multi-million dollar brand, Jones says it’s just the start.

“After the clothes, it’s the decor. After the decoration, it’s the shoes. In the meantime, I want to start another business, because I made a science of it now. “

Well go with your bad me Sassy Jones!

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