Canadian department store to stop selling animal furs and exotic skins


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Holt Renfrew, a leading Canadian department store, has revealed plans to stop selling animal furs and exotic hides by the end of the year.

This is part of an “ambitious” sustainable development approach, confirmed the luxury retailer of the Selfridges group.

Holt Renfrew Department Store

In addition to abandoning furs and exotic skins, Holt Renfrew is committed to stopping the sale of cosmetic products containing plastic glitter.

Additionally, it has pledged to only sell denim from certified sustainable sources by the end of 2025.

Training is part of larger goals to reduce carbon emissions.

All exotic animal furs and skins will be “released” by December 31st. This is in partnership with Humane Society International.

‘A better future’

The department store said, “Today’s announcement puts sustainability at the heart of Holt Renfrew.

“… Holts is committed to reinventing retail for a better future, alongside the global group of Selfridges stores. “

However, he accepted “that there is still some way to go”.

In addition, CEO Sebastian Picardo added: “Our customers are at the center of our business. And we want to make sure sustainability and innovation are at the forefront of their experience at Holts. “

The sustainable development campaign was announced in a press release

Abandon the fur

The department store announced the news in a statement yesterday. On the same day, Canada Goose announced that it was phasing out fur trims on its jackets.

“Our future is furless,” the company said.

Both are following in the footsteps of retail giant Nordstom.

Last year, he announced that he would stop selling products made from the skins of snakes, crocodiles, ostriches, sharks, among other animals.

Plus, many luxury fashion houses are lining up with the move. They include Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

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