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Gucci and Balenciaga’s “The Hacker Project” is a match made in, well, Kering.

Fashion collaboration is perhaps the most enduring trend of recent years. From Supreme and Tiffany & Co. to every Nike sneaker pairing, the question of aligning two distinct brands has once turned more towards some sort of familiar symbiosis. A mark (smaller; niche) goes up with a larger mark; the larger brand, then, makes itself accessible to any subculture, regardless of the subsection of the population over which the smaller brand has an undeniable hold.

So this makes the collaboration between Gucci and Balenciaga special.

They’re both Goliaths in the same cross-section of L-capital luxury fashion, but with a kick for the youth of all CDs that Alessandra Michele and Demna Gvasalia have brewed during their tenure. We first caused a stir with this surprising collaboration in April during Gucci’s 100th anniversary “Aria” collection, but that “hacked” link continues in Balenciaga’s Spring / Summer 2022 collection.

“The Hacker Project” is a collaboration that nods to ironic IYKYK spin-offs, with obvious designs that would prompt “Ahh! »Answers if you know the headlining signatures of either brand. Gucci’s most classic light beige GG monogram is now a screen-printed BB monogram on quilted vests and hats, while Balenciaga’s most recognizable silhouettes – the Knife pumps; the Hourglass blazer (as seen on Hong Kong superstar Sammi Cheng); the City bag; Triple S sneakers – adopt Gucci skins.

Some take the simpler approach, with the Balenciaga branding imprinted on the GG monogram; on Gucci’s beloved Marmont bag; sliced ​​between the charm pendants with Gucci’s “G” replacing Balenciaga’s “G”. And, as with both brands’ propensity for hype, you know that the “Out of Stock” tab will be showing up very, very soon. Get your favorites while you still can.

Gucci x Balenciaga pieces to nab before they disappear into the ether (and appear, again, on resale sites at exorbitant prices):

Shop the ‘The Hacker Project’ collection at Gucci and Balenciaga.

(Header image courtesy of Instagram of Juno Mak and Instagram of Sammi Cheng)

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