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The onset of autumn brings both a change in store products and sales and a change in student consumption habits.

As the weather turns colder and the holiday season approaches, stores are beginning to adjust their merchandise with fall-related products and decorations. During this time, students prepare for the cozy season and decide what new or seasonal products they should spend their money on.

“Clothes are more comfortable and stores are fall-themed; it’s so magical,” said Carlmont sophomore Salma Gharib.

Summer trends fade as fall sets in to highlight the new season. Stores begin to introduce brand new clothing and product lines, as well as a shift in sales and themes. Between Halloween and Thanksgiving in particular, teenagers are excited to shop during this particular time of year.

Sophomore Salma Gharib, a lover of all that falls. (Harin Kim)

“I love shopping in the fall because there are always dark academic looks and preppy looks that are in style,” said Mirabella Villanueva, senior at Carlmont. “It’s the perfect opportunity for colors that match me…this season’s colors are complementary.”

Fashion is an important component of the interchange of seasons.

“Trend-wise, it definitely ranges from tank tops and baby tees to fleeces and sweatpants,” said pacsun employee Nik Diaz. “Flannels are always a staple because you can dress them up, dress them down, whatever…it’s really versatile to wear.”

Employees from Victoria’s Secret Pink, Pacsun, Hot Topic and H&M gave their personal recommendations on what teens should have this season. (Harin Kim)

When the holiday sales hit, stores each have unique items they stock the most.

“For fall, we’ve started getting our holiday items, and we’re definitely getting a lot of inventory as well, more than we do in any other season,” a Victoria’s Secret employee said. “Pajamas are mind-blowing in terms of sales because we offer so many different types of styles.”

It’s not just the new items that stores launch to attract customers, but also the remarkable ambience they create.

“We are decorating our store to give it a warm, autumnal atmosphere. We put pumpkins inside and outside the store,” a Trader Joe’s official said. “Anything that has pumpkinit’s the true spirit of autumn here.

Many stores do the same to attract customers and charm those who come to their store.

Other stores only appear in the fall, such as Spirit Halloween stores that sell Halloween merchandise. This store is popular with college students, not only as a Halloween costume hotspot, but also as a fun way to kick off a fun-filled holiday.

“I like going to Spirit Halloween and buying temporary tattoos. It’s fun because it gets me in the Halloween spirit,” said Carlmont sophomore Malaya Austin.

Overall, as retail stores release new products for the fall season, they are matched by college students who want to create new looks or buy those items.

“Earth-toned flannels and sweaters are staples in my fall closet,” Gharib said. “I’m also excited to use fall scented candles and body scents.”

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