Astro Bank personal loan: rates and conditions for obtaining




Astro Bank is the online bank that is rising. Driven by its free Visa card offer with no income conditions and its cutting-edge application, this new generation bank has no real weaknesses. Only reserved for clients, is his personal loan offered at competitive APR rates? What are the conditions for obtaining it? What about its advantages and disadvantages? Everything you need to know about the Astro Bank personal loan.

Astro Bank personal loan terms

Astro Bank personal loan terms

The Astro Bank personal loan is only reserved for customers . Let us take a closer look at the conditions of this loan:

  • Reserved for holders of an Astro Bank bank account
  • Credit without proof of use of money
  • Amount: $ 500 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: 12 to 120 months
  • Reduction of monthly payments possible for 6 months
  • Credit cancellation possible without charge for 6 months (according to the terms of the contract)
  • 14 day withdrawal period from the date of acceptance

Comparison of Astro Bank personal loan rates

Comparison of Astro Bank personal loan rates

The quality of a personal loan is judged by its APR (annual effective annual rate) rates. The APR rate makes it possible to calculate the real cost of a loan, including interest but also possible administrative costs.

Astro Bank rates are better on average than those of traditional bank personal loans (see Société Générale personal loan or our comparison of Credither personal loan ) but remain less good than those of the main specialists in online consumer credit. Online credit agencies mainly allow you to get a personal loan without having to become a customer.

Good to know: the rates observed during our simulation of the Astro Bank personal loan are indicative. They do not necessarily reflect the rate actually offered. It is therefore important to always check the terms of your contract before signing.

Benefits of Astro Bank personal credit

The bank’s personal credit offers several advantages:

  • Subscribe online or from the app 24/24
  • Release of funds possible deferred up to 6 months after acceptance of the loan
  • Modification of monthly payments or cancellation of credit free of charge for 6 months
  • Choice of date of collection
  • Beginning of reimbursement up to 3 months after release of funds

A loan only reserved for customers

The main disadvantage of the Astro Bank personal loan is that of almost all banks, namely the obligation to be a customer to benefit from it . It is also important to note that credit will not be accepted to any new customer.

Our experience allows us to say that banks only grant loans to their customers with the most guarantees. However, as a new customer and without several guarantees (savings paid into his account, for example), he is not sure of obtaining a favorable opinion.

The best way to get a favorable opinion at the best rate is to get closer to our comparator. Connected to the main credit organizations, it is able to provide an immediate favorable opinion. Nothing prevents once the best rate of personal loan online obtained from canvassing Astro Bank – or its current bank – hoping to obtain better conditions.

How to apply for Astro Bank credit?

How to apply for Astro Bank credit?

Here are the different steps to get an Astro Bank personal loan:

  1. Open an Astro Bank account from the Astrobank.fr website
  2. Apply for a personal loan from the application or the site
  3. Choose the amount and duration of credit suited to your project
  4. Astro Bank studies demand and responds very quickly
  5. Once the credit has been accepted, you should wait at least until the 8th day before the funds are released (the law explained )