Are you looking for a loan and do not have work seniority

Many people have the belief that if they have 3 months or less of seniority at work, getting a loan is very difficult. And this is not the case, there are a number of financial companies or banks that have options for these cases.

The loans can be used for those who need


1) Leave a debt that we have with someone, a credit card, monthly or other income. The recommendation is to settle them as soon as possible, before they become much larger. The ideal is to be able to solve them with a credit that has lower monthly payments than if we can pay peacefully.

2) Buying a car is another reason why we may need extra money, maybe we find a very good offer, option or the car that we really want at a good price and it would be a shame to lose it because we do not have good financing.

3) Change the car is another option, as it can also be a home remodeling, purchase of appliances, technology , among others.

4) Studying a master, post degree or send our children to schools or private university also requires a large investment that we can access through a loan

5) Going on vacation or taking a dream trip can also be one of the situations that motivate us to ask an institution or bank for financing products

These are very quick and easy to obtain cash loans

cash loans


Those interested must submit to obtain:

 Your ID

A bill or invoice for a service

Salary receipt (if present) presenting the last received

For those who do not have a salary receipt but have a monthly income from a retirement, child allowance, domestic service offered, pension among others, they can access a loan presenting the last receipt of money received

For those who do not have income, they can also access personalized financing

If you are interested in Rapicuotas we recommend you to approach them in any case even if they do not have all the requirements they ask for, since the company is very flexible and seeks to adapt to each particular case.

Characteristics of the loan

◇ It is not necessary to present guarantor , it is about loans to single signature. This feature gives us great relief because we do not need to worry about getting papers or another person to serve as endorsement.

◇ The amount of money to be obtained will depend, as mentioned above, on each case, the requirements that are presented, the person’s ability to pay, their income, their seniority at work, among others.

◇ There are no extra administrative expenses , Rapicuotas does not make discounts or additions for loan delivered. This is a competitive advantage they have since most financial institutions or banks offer very good loans and then add a percentage of extra money in “administration”

◇ The fees paid per month will not have additional surcharges either, that is to say that they are fixed and agreed when the contract is signed and then there are no expenses or interests added to that value

◇ The expiration of the installments is agreed between the interested party and the institution, being possible to pay the first installment up to 60 days after the loan is agreed.

◇ They are fully renewable loans, each user can have two, three or more loans at a time as long as their rating allows it. The idea of ​​Rapicuotas is that the person does not have to go to another financial institution to get another loan but can obtain them all in the same place.

◇ With the payment of fees, people will access a system of points that can be accumulated and exchanged for practical prizes .

◇ All people who wish to do so can access it, there are no restrictions or discrimination.


credit loan

It is an Argentine company that manages its own funds and has been operating and offering financing services for more than 25 years.

Characteristics of the loans:

Up to $ 60,000 available

Flexibility in the amount of fees for their return

The amount and amount of the installments will depend on the customer’s ability to pay and their proven income.