7 Highlights of New York Fashion Week

Welcome to fashion month! New York Fashion Week has come and gone in a flash. The week-long event featured hundreds of memorable runways, from blockbuster names to indie designers we all need to know.

with parades everywhere from the Brooklyn Museum to Spring Studios, Piers at South Street Seaport and more. This fashion week is memorable as the February edition of the fashion shows were mostly canceled due to the Omicron variant, and the fashion crowd brought it.

Here are seven highlights from NYFW.


Couture brand Renacio by Carlos Reyes presented an inspiring display of dresses and garments inspired by dreams that blew the audience away. Titled “The Myth of Eris and the Resilient Unicorn”, and the surreal symbolism in the clothing details the story of a little girl who falls asleep and we see what she dreams of.

“The show was inspired by dreams and nightmares with some mythological symbolism,” Reyes said.

In one piece, a large cameo box opens at the heart of the wearer, crowned by the words “Mortem” meaning “death” in Latin and “Saltare” meaning “dance”, on the shoulders. Inside the box is an image of a ballerina from “Destination“, a short film created by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney in 1945. The box is adorned with the French phrase “Le disco needs you”.

“The whole thing symbolizes the choice between death and dancing,” Reyes explains. “To live your stagnant, bored life, or be joyful and dance. The unicorn’s journey is about choosing to dance.

punk majesty

Pyoublack majesty is an eco-friendly fashion brand known for its empowering phrases on its pieces. He is also known for upcycling and fusing high fashion and streetwear styles. The women-owned brand is founded by Alisha Amnesia, a designer who says her brand ethos is rooted in empowering all genders, races and orientations. For its fall showcase, the brand offers chic and studded blazers motorcycle jackets as part of their new collection. The brand is anti-fast fashion, and has been worn by Jane Wiedlin of The Go Gos, reasonable captain of the damnedand Jake Hout of dead boys.

track of dreams

The The Trail of Dreams™ Foundationa non-profit promoting inclusion and change in the fashion industry for people with disabilities. Their latest fashion showcase featured suitable clothing and footwear for everyone. Over 60 models with varying disabilities and backgrounds walked the catwalk wearing the latest trends from Target, Kohl’s, JC Penney, Steve Madden, and more, which use easy-to-use zippers and magnets to close garments to allow people with disabilities to easily maneuver fashionable items. It was titled A fashion revolution and was presented by Kohl’s and facilitated by Peloton’s first adaptive instructor, Logan Aldridge.


The travel bag company founded by women Baggallini presented its Fall 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week. Their latest campaign features models Amanda Vanderziel, Aubrie Williams and Mackenzie Hamilton, in their hectic daily life, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., across New York, shot by filmmaker Jimmy Penna and photographer Julia D’Agostino.

The brand is known for its durable, practical and functional bags, from its Modern Pocket shoulder bags to its stylish totes and backpacks, in Dark Cherry, helping New York women take their morning coffee, rush into the subway and even bring these bags. on an airplane as hand luggage.

“This campaign celebrates the multidimensional woman on the go and how our bags present themselves to support her on her daily journey, with style and ease,” said Alison Muench, Brand Marketing Manager for Baggallini and Chief Creative Officer. “New York City became the perfect backdrop to showcase our fall collection. As they say: if our bags can get there, they’ll get anywhere.

Korea Concept

Concept Korea has been a thriving official program at NYFW for 12 years now. It is part of a global fashion program organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), the aim is to promote Korean fashion designers while they enter the western fashion market. This season, Seoul-based brands BESFXXK, Notebooks and UL:KIN showcased their Spring/Summer 2023 collections, fashionable brands that were worn by TXT’s Yeonjun and actress Kim Tae-ri. On the catwalk, musicians Dong Hyuk Kim, D4M $loan, Min, and Ezee all marched.

BESFXXK showcased pinstripe fabrics with khaki trench coats, with their Victorian-style windbreaker featuring a long Versailles train stealing the show. Cahiers brought dreamy pastels to long ruffled dresses perfect for wearing in the Spanish countryside of Toledo. UL:KIN designed by Seong Dong Lee featured fishing nets as a key part of the new collection, which is inspired by magnet fishing, with olive-colored vests, zippers and mesh symbolizing the underwater world.


The Blonds returned to NYFW with a new collection inspired by their glamorous summer. The sunny collection featured shimmering gold, yellow and orange hues in retro 1970s-inspired items scoured by Nikita Dragun, Gigi Gorgeous, Cassie and Saucy Santana, among others.

The designers say their summer was filled with “escapism, glamor and New York nightlife”, and it’s all about “excess style and memories of those hot nights when [fashion designers] Philippe and David bonded over their mutual love of dance music. The duo have an upcoming book with Rizzoli titled Blondes: Glamor Fashion Fantasyreleased on October 11.

Disco Inferno & 14N1

The hip hop community has arrived for a parade called More fashion, less gun violencein the heart of New York housing estates, Robert S. Fulton Residences.

Vin Rock from Naughty By Nature walked for the show, co-presented by Disco Inferno, a brand founded by A$AP Illz, and streetwear brand, 14N1 from DripOnSociety. The brand is known for dressing hip-hop personalities such as DJ Whoo Kid, Ayleks, Bobby Nice, Jay Gwaupo, Lil Migo, etc.

“This brand is based on Dante’s Inferno and the nine circles of hell colliding with the fashion that grew out of the Parkside Housing Development I’m from in the Bronx, which is the birthplace and mecca of hip-hop,” Illz said in a statement. . “I also wanted to shed light on how my generation kills each other with gun violence, and through this collection, I hope to lighten things up by posting a fashion show right here in our community.”

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