7 best hair extensions 2022: to add length and body to your mane

Maybe you were born with a full head of long, thick hair, or maybe you weren’t. Either way, the best hair extensions can help you change your hairstyle in an instant, regardless of your hair type. Plus, ever-changing options now include hair extensions that you can apply yourself.

What types of hair extensions are there?

“The benefits of wearing extensions are continuous by adding length, thickness, or improving color or size,” says celebrity extensionist Priscilla Valles. “You can use them for hairstyles or a more permanent method for everyday life or even add color to prevent your hair from color damage.” The stylist, who collaborated with Glam Seamless for a collection of hair extensions, continues that anyone with any texture can wear them – it’s just a matter of finding the right product for you.

Professional hairstylist Paul David notes that the evolution of the extension industry means there is a plethora of textures, colors and lengths available now. “My favorite hairstyle to add hair extensions to is any hairstyle,” he says, whether it’s a super long ponytail or extra length for beachy waves. Even more: with the right extensions, you can enhance your daily blow-dry or even add hair to that quick messy bun before you step out of the house. These days, you can rely on extensions for versatile tapes, bundles for age-old sewing, or clips that you can easily attach yourself.

How to care for hair extensions

Our experts agree, however, that extensions should be viewed as an investment and treated as such. “When caring for hair extensions, it is very important to treat them as if they were your natural hair. Take care of them with love! says famed hairstylist Alexander Armand, whose clients include Serena Williams, Cleo Wade and Quinta Brunson.

Professional stylist Nikkia Nelson advises her clients to “shampoo and conditioner regularly, [do] steam hydration treatments and use quality hair products. Hairstylist Brittney Ryan also emphasizes using prep and protection products for extensions, opting for Unite Hair 7Seconds Detangler or 7Seconds Gloss to reduce frizz and boost shine. Additionally, Nelson says that human hair, as a synthetic counterpart, should only be used for braiding.

Unite Hair 7 Second Detangler

Unite Hair 7Seconds Glossing

Which hair extensions are the best?

How you wear your hair extensions is entirely up to you, but having options at your fingertips for your next formal or glamorous everyday beauty look is helpful. And so, here are the seven best hair extension brands to consider.

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