30 Day Anchored Investor Blocking Period for these 10 Shares expiring in December – Full List

There are 10 stocks that will see restrictions on the sale of key investor stocks lifted in December. Traditionally, these stocks have on average seen their price drop on the anchor opening date and a further drop has been seen in these stocks over the next five trading days. As of December 8, there are 10 of these stocks that will see the lead investor deadline for selling stocks lifted.

These stocks are FSN Ecommerce Ventures, FINO Payments Bank, SJS Enterprises, PB Fintech, Sigachi Industries, One 97 Communications, Sapphire Foods, Latent View Analytics, Tarsons Products and Go Fashion.

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Shares of FSN Ecommerce Ventures, which will see the 30-day lockout period for major investors expire tomorrow, December 8, 2021, traded flat on BSE at Rs 2,187.30, down Rs 4 per share in Monday intraday trading. See the table below for stocks that will see the core investor lockdown come undone this month.

Up to 51 shares have gone public so far this year, whose foreclosure restrictions on key investors in 41 issues have already expired.

With the lifting of the sell-off deadline for these titles, up to 76% of the 41 issues were under selling pressure on anchor lock-in opening dates, and the average drop was 2.6%, according to a report from Edelweiss.

In 25 of these 41 stocks, issues were down 2.2% on the day the anchor opened, while up to 61% of those issues traded down 3.9% after five days from the anchor opening date, according to the report.

According to the same report, as many as 10 IPOs have paid off a whopping 361 billion rupees in total.

Who is an anchor investor?

According to the Ministry of Commercial Affairs, a Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) is an anchor investor, who applies for a value of at least Rs 10 crore in a public issue. There will be a 30-day lock-up on the shares allocated to the Reference Investor from the date of allocation in the public issue.

The allocation to Anchor Investors will be discretionary and subject to conditions set by the Ministry and the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

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