10 children’s clothing trends to watch in 2022

The fashion industry is inclusive and welcomes everyone equally. Children’s fashion is so popular these days. Children love to wear fashionable and stylish clothes as much as adults. Kids’ fashion can also be tricky because it needs to be both comfortable and smart at the same time. Whether it’s a birthday party, a game, or a school event, kids will always be dressed according to the latest fashion trends, just like adults. Parents’ choice matters a lot and plays an important role in defining their children’s fashion sense.

Children’s fashion by White Dahlia

The fashion industry has evolved tremendously over the past decade and brands that focused only on women’s clothing have now become gender-neutral, size-inclusive, and even make adorable clothes for kids. Some brands have also launched exclusive couture clothing for children. It includes formal and casual clothes for our minis.

Before you start creating your little one’s wardrobe for 2022, read on to find out about the latest hot styles for your kids.

Children’s fashion by White Dahlia

We spoke to Poornima about White Dhalia to shed some light on the matter and here is what she had to say,

Fashion is for everyone who likes to be fashionable. From crisp looks in timeless outfits to keeping up with the latest trends, fashion is a game you would want to master if you like to indulge yourself in it. Whether kids or adults, the fashion game never ceases to amaze anyone. Nowadays even children are quite aware of what they are wearing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We see trendy kids on social media for their impeccable fashion sense and that really amazes everyone. Coordinating outfits with their parents, siblings or friends has always been a thing in kids’ fashion and we only see it changing over time. Comfortable, chic and trendy children’s outfits are the goal of all children’s clothing brands. From fabrics and prints to silhouettes and style, we got to see something new every day.

1. Colors of 2020:

Bright, clear and neutral tones will be all the rage in 2022. Pastels and basic color palettes will also be very present.

Children’s fashion by White Dahlia

2. Models for 2022:

This season we will see a lot of oversized clothing. Deflated sleeves, batwing sleeves and oversized silhouettes will be in fashion. It’s perfect for kids, it doesn’t hinder movement and is super comfortable.

3. Overlay

Intricate and heavy overlays are back in fashion! The layering is very easy to integrate into your child’s everyday casual looks and pairs perfectly with the oversized cuts.

4. Patchwork

A combination of different patches, with vivid patches in a beautiful harmony sewn together in one garment, will eclipse even the brightest print. Watch out for clothing with patchwork in 2022.

5. High waist short jackets

To complete and layer the oversized silhouette, what could be better than a short jacket? A short jacket tends to emphasize the proportions of the body by lengthening the line of the legs.

Children’s fashion by White Dahlia

6. Contact details

Yes, they will always remain in fashion but with a little twist. In addition to pants and sweaters, we will see a lot of sets of t-shirts and leggings. Perfect for little ones for their gymnastics lessons and time spent on the playground.

Children’s fashion by White Dahlia

7. Impressions for 2022

Prints instantly brighten up any outfit. The designers have found unique prints that will be visible on a variety of garments like polka dots in different sizes, photo prints of animals, ladybugs and floral themes.

8. Logomania

The use of slogans, unique words, phrases, company logos will gain further momentum and remain relevant in 2022.

Children’s shoes always look super adorable because of the little details. The most popular for this season will be bunny-ear moccasins, light-up sneakers and golden princess ballet flats.

10. Parachute hood

For this year’s collection, many designers drew inspiration from the 80s. There will be a widespread love for overalls, a passion for space-themed clothing, and clothing that resembles a spacesuit.

Children’s fashion is exciting not only for children but also for avant-garde parents. Hope this article will help you create the most stylish wardrobe for your kids.

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